Head Coach | Neon Sports Academy | Bopal
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#Certified by USPTA, PTR, ITF, RPT, ICI, AITA

⏭Welcome on board!

⏭We are so glad to welcome Meet Joshi, A coach, a leader, a mentor, and one of the most qualified coach, to Our Vibrant Neon Team as Head Coach Of Neon Sports Academy- Bopal Location.

⏭Meet Joshi is one of the most qualified Tennis coach in the city, He holds USPTA Elite Professional, RPT Director Of Tennis, PTR Performance, ITF level-1, ICI Director of Tennis, And AITA Certified along with strong playing background.

⏭We are very much sure, Meet Joshi’s incredible tennis knowledge and more than 10 years of performance coaching experience, will help Our players to take their game to next level.

ICI Director of Tennis | USPTA Elite Professional | RPT Director Of Tennis | PTR Performance | ITF level-1 | AITA Certified Level -3

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