Here are seven key reasons why the best tennis players win more matches (succeed)

  1. A successful players know that they don’t have to play well to win, they have to compete well to win. 
  2. A successful tennis player understands that they will have a bad days, and also they know how to overcome those bad situations. 
  3. They understand that success does not lie in a one big win against a big player or losing against lower ranked player, It lies in consistent and progressive approach towards the goal by controlinng their emotions and mindset in negetive and positive situations. 
  4. A successful athlete does not spend their time comparing themselves or current level to their greatest ever performance.
  5. The success of a tennis player lies in their ability to play ‘well enough’ to pull out a win on that day. They understand it gives them another day and chance to make it better!
  6. They do not ruin their chances of winning or playing better (even when playing poorly) by letting a bad call, negative mindset, or bad attitude get in the way.
  7. A successful athlete accepts that they are not going to perform their best level every time they step onto the court, track or playing field, they accept that and plan accordingly. 

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  • by Neil
    Posted February 25, 2023 11:53 am 0Likes

    Well said Suresh sir. Completely agree to all the points. This will help me when playing tournaments.

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