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Live 10 Years Longer: 10 Reasons to Pick Up a Tennis Racquet Today
Priyanka Rana wins both Singles and Doubles ITF title
Master of Tennis Suresh Maurya Raises the Bar at International Tennis Conference
Beyond the Court: Suresh Maurya’s Path to PTR Tester of the Year-India Award
Akshaj Subramanian clinches his first ITF Doubles Runners-up title
Priyanshi Bhandari looks forward to play 3ITFs at Thailand
Talent, Hard Work, Perseverance: The Formula Behind Megh Patel’s ITF Ranking
The Secret to Long-Term Athletic Success: Get 1% Stronger Every Day 
Coaches: The Unsung Heroes of Sports 
Emotional Mastery in Sports: 10 Techniques for Optimal Performance
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