The Global Professional Tennis Coaching Association (GPTCA) is an ATP certified board that was established in 2010 to raise the level of tennis coaching on the professional circuit. Recognized in 41 nations, the GPTCA offers various levels of certifications to certain coaches who have excelled in their field. India’s Suresh Maurya has now joined this top order of coaching expertise.
Suresh Maurya has now been certified with a coaching proficiency of B-Level which is the second highest tier. The ATP gives the B-Level certification to coaches who have satisfied the following criteria:
– Coached ATP/WTA Top 500 players who worked at this level for at least 2 consecutive years – Coached ITF Top 20 juniors who worked at this level for at least 2 consecutive years
– Coached professional teams (University, Federation or League teams) who worked at this level for at least 5 consecutive years
– Former ATP/WTA Top 500 singles players
– Former ATP/WTA Top 250 doubles players – Coaches who successfully completed the GPTCA Level B course.
In India, only 8 coaches including Maurya have been given the B-Level certification by the GPTCA. The approval of a coach being worthy enough to get this certification is given by an elite panel which includes the following people:
TONI NADAL – Former coach of 19-time singles grand slam champion Rafael Nadal
DIRK HORDOFF – Former coach of Former World No.8 Janko Tipsarevic & former World No.5 Rainer Schuettler
RAINER SCHUETTLER: Former Australian Open runner-up, Olympics Silver medalist

As an International Coach, Suresh Maurya has definitely uplifted the stature of tennis in India. The Director of Neon Sports Academy is now surely more upbeat than ever in raising the standard of professional tennis in India.

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