Wow what a thrilling experience! What a match ! More than 180 Games , more than 190 participants, 3 days of unlimited Fun came to an end today as blue team lift the NWG10 title!

The score was very close! the winning Blue team scored #1607 points where losing Red team scored #1521 ! The difference was only for 86 points ! Very close ! Both teams fought well for the crown ! Excellent competitive environment! Well done both team!

Blue team is the first team this year to find the treasure in all Neon World Games history! All science city area was included in the treasure hunt game ! Well done blue team ! Well done 👍

Congratulations to winning Blue team captains, coaches and all participants for creating history and Winning Neon World Games Season 10 ! Well done ! Well played both team !

Big thank you to all coaches , parents and players for making this World Games a grand success
We all enjoyed the season 10 ! #NWG10

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