Biomechanics of Sprinting- Acceleration

Start right to dominate the points…

I feel acceleration and deceleration plays very important role in performance players tennis journey, as tennis is nothing but lots of short sprints. Most of the time players follow following patterns while playing tennis. 

✅ Active start – Acceleration – Deceleration- Hit – Recover – Repeat

I feel every performance Players must have awareness about the biomechanics of Running – Acceleration and Deceleration techniques in order to move faster on court and dominate the game / match at higher level. Without Acceleration awareness (Techniques), players may not get the needed acceleration and may end up being late to the ball, as a result players may have to select the defence / neutral response, while they could have attacked and dominated the points.

Want to get faster on court ? Want to improve your on and off court footwork? Here I’m sharing few tips that may help players to understand the fundamentals and biomechanics of acceleration Process.

Here are main components of Biomechanics of Acceleration- Sprint 

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✅Starting Phase 

✅Acceleration Phase 

✅Deceleration Phase 

✅Recovery Phase 

Let’s Go through above mentioned process and find out the biomechanics of accelerations techniques …

▶️Starting Phase

  • In Tennis, Athletes starts from a variety of positions, including stationary or moving. 
  • Quick start, faster response would help athletes to gain extra seconds of advantage.
  • Split/Gravity Step, Athlete’s head leaning forward and keeping it straight and up would enables players for better explosive start.

▶️Acceleration phase 

  • Acceleration is first one to two (or as early as possible ) steps, where a player is trying to achieve the maximum speed through explosive start.
  • Acceleration starts with explosive forward momentum, pushing the ground behind you as hard as possible.( push ,push, push)
  • The forward body Lean, high knee with 90* angle, and The optimal use of both arm will help athlete to accelerate and generate maximum forward momentum. 
  • Acceleration is one of the major component. Sound knowledge ( Techniques) of Acceleration may enables athlete to develop better acceleration capabilities and dominate the game at higher level.

▶️Deceleration Phase 

  • As the tennis is more kind of “start and stop” action oriented in nature, A sound awareness of deceleration techniques may help the player to control / stop the momentum effectively.
  • Effective deceleration is all about controlling the fast moving momentum as soon as possible while maintaining the optimal dynamic and static balance. 
  • The lower center of gravity ( Staying low ) would help players to decelerate effectively while maintaining optimal dynamic and static balance. 

▶️Recovery Phase 

  • Recovery phase is a process of getting ready for the next required action. 
  • Balanced yet speedy recovery may help the players to put themself in a better position to react faster for the next situation. 
  • Recovery is one fo the most important factor to learn, practice, and eventually master the art of quicker and speedy recovery while maintaining the optimal balance. 

Work on above mentioned biomechanics of sprinting – acceleration techniques and see yourself moving faster on court and eventually achieving desired milestones in tennis…

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