10 Teams, 100 + players, 6 venues, 28Ties, 112 Matches, 10 Days of Competition, and 6 months of hard work came to an end today as The ACTF super Stars lifts the Shatayu- ATPL 140K team championship title today at Actf! Well done !

We congratulate ACTF super stars team for winning Shatayu-ATPL2020 championship title today ! Well played Tennis for life ! It was one of the best final ever! Everyone enjoyed the energetic and vibrant atmosphere today at actf !

Congratulations to Team RH Kapadia for securing 3rd place ! Neon came 4th ! It was match to watch today ! After losing first two matches , you all came back strong ! Well done and big congratulations to both team for excellent match !

I take this opportunity to thank Chintan bhai, ACTF , captains , All participants , ATPL team and all committee members for your kind support throughout ATPL tournament! Thank you.

It was one of the best ATPL ever we had ! 10 Teams , 100+ players , 10days of unlimited FUN! It could not have been possible without your on and off court support!

Thank you again for making this tournament a grand success and creating lifelong positive memories to 100+ tennis players !

Everyone enjoyed ATPL2020, and they all are already looking forward to the ATPL season 6.0


364 days to go ! ATPL2021 #Season6



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