Don’t Tell, Ask them specific questions for better learning.

Asking questions challenge players to think and come up with the best possible solutions by themselves, and in a process, they learn the essential skills of self analysis and developing Problem Solving attitude in longer run.

In Tennis and Being Tennis an open skill sport, player makes 800-1000 decisions per match, well developed self analysis and problem solving skills certaintly gives and extra advantage in players development journey. Hence it becomes essential to learn these skills right from the early age.

United States Tennis Association sport science Department confirms and we all May have experienced that, too many verbal instructions given to the players from either inside or outside, Interferes with thinking and processing in learning ability.

Many parents and coaches, in good faith, tell them what to do “to get better in tennis and real life”. Constant and direct feedback ( Telling them what to do ) may hinderance in optimal learning” the idea of thinking ( self analysis ) and coming up with best possible solutions (problem solving skills)”.

It is recommended to all the player, parents and coaches is to “Ask the questions, let player process, self analyse and come up with best possible solutions”, answers given by player may and may not be right, the important thing is the process and journey in developing life long skills of self analysis and problem solving skills in longer run.

let’s try this, next time when you what to teach something, Just ask the specific question and wait for their response, and help them to learn the self analysis and problem solving skills in longer run.

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