Head Coach | Neon Sports Academy | Science City
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#Certified by USPTA, PTR, AITA

⏭Sanjay Thakore, One of the most hardworking, a passionate, and dedicated coach in Ahmedabad, leads our Neon Sports Academy- Science City location, along with 15+ certified and experienced team.

⏭Sanjay Thakor is PTR Certified Professional Coach, USPTA Certified Professional Coach and Aita Level-3 Certified coach. Sanjay Thakor has more than 15+ years of coaching experience which makes him one of the most experienced coaches in state.

⏭Sanjay Thakor has been traveling every year to USA for tennis Teaching in one fo the most reputed camp called RobinHood as Asst Tennis Director.

PTR Certified Professional Coach | USPTA Certified Professional Coach | Aita Level-3 | 10 Years of International Coaching Experience

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